ASC participates in the Global Religious Intolerance Conf in NY City, Oct 29, 2019

Attendees at the conference held at the Princeton Club, New York City Oct 29, 2019.

ASC representative Kavneet Singh joined over 80 other academics, religious leaders, journalists, activists and others in a nearly day-long conference held at the Princeton Club in New York City on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

The conference was organized by the Anglosphere Society and the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom. The Anglosphere Society has over the past three years conducted a series of symposia on the issue of Christian Genocide in the Middle East and the cultural impact of mass immigration in Europe, with high profile religious leaders and diplomats. While their primary focus is on the rise of anti-Semitism across the globe, they are also working with others to rein in and ultimately stop the rise in religious bigotry and intolerance everywhere.

Lord Alton speaking at the reception at the closing of the conference

The primary focus of the conference was the intolerance against Christians in poorer nations and other minorities. According to their data over 250 million Christians are being persecuted in dozens of countries from the Middle East to South Asia to Africa. Muslims, Bahai, Sikhs and others faith groups are being persecuted by governments and by the majority faith groups through the deadly virus of either right-wing nationalism or simply mob vigilantism to subdue and subsume minority faiths in their midst.

There were four moderated panel discussions with three to four speakers at each panel. Professional diplomats, journalists, religious leaders, academics and activists spoke on various issues. Topics which were covered were from, the mass incarceration of the Muslim Uyghurs in Western China to the exploitation of Christians in Pakistan.

There are no easy solutions as humans are fickle and taking a stand on moral grounds in the face of economic trade is not easy. Though a few of the speakers did suggest sensible steps to make changes in society which would bring about minimizing religious intolerance. The consensus seemed to be that everyone needs to continue the work on hum rights and bigotry and changes are and will happen slowly and incrementally, through sharing of knowledge and collaboration.

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