Attack on the freedom of speech of Sikhs in India!

Bir Singh – lyricist, singer and artist

The American Sikh Council (ASC) is shocked at the hypocrisy of the Hindutva brigade of India in the context of trying to ban a song written by Bir Singh and sung by Ranjit Bawa which was released around May 1, 2020 in Punjab and worldwide.

Je Mai Marhdey Ghar Jamiya te Mera ki Kasoor Aa” (What’s my fault if I was born in a poor and so-called lower caste household?), is the title of the song sung by Ranjit Bawa and written by Bir Singh, which highlight’s the age-old duplicity of the Brahminical-Hinduism (Sanatan Dharam) on the subject of caste discrimination and the predicament of the poor.

The song touches on the drinking of cow urine by people, yet who refuse to feed the poor. It also touches on the caste system and the social ostracization due one’s birth. Various common social issues have been touched on without mentioning any particular religion.

So far two BJP youth leaders Ashok ‘Hicky’ Sareen from Jalandhar and Piyush Manchanda from Kapurthala have filed criminal cases against Bir Singh, Ranjit Bawa and Gurmoh Singh, accusing them of, hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus.

All this simply belies common sense and all rationality.

  • Drinking the waste product of an animal by anyone leave alone Hindus or anyone else is completely asinine making any onlooker either shake their head in disbelief or laugh uncontrollably.
  • Expensive milk is poured over the Shiv’s Ling (a stone phallus) regularly by many believers while there are millions who are starving daily.
  • Over 85% of so-called Hindus of India are not really Hindus but have been (il)legally subsumed under the legal definition of ‘Hinduism’ by the infamous charlatan Mohandas Gandhi through the diabolical ‘Poona Act’ of September 24, 1932.

Freedom of speech, if it is the truth, has its limits for the minorities especially if they are Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, etc. During the period of the Sikh Genocide 1984 – 1998, singers (gaiak), poets (kavi) and bards (dhadi) were either banned from speaking up, or murdered by the government proxies through extrajudicial killings. In the so-called largest democracy on the planet even socially responsible songs are curtailed, because they impinge on the sensibilities of the right-wing, overbearing hate-filled upper-caste Hindus.

A recent video of February 12, 2020 shows a Hindu right-wing extremist leader of the Shiv Sena known as, ‘Suri’ who is openly threating to kill all the Sikhs, yelling from the stage in a gathering of saffron clad Hindtva followers. No criminal charges having been filed against this terrorist who is openly threatening to kill Sikhs. These are the double standards in applying the law in India.

It is strange that there are umpteen Bollywood movies which openly ridicule and talk about social inequities created by Brahminical-Manuvadi Hindus and there is no legal fuss. Examples of popular Bollywood movies are, OMG and PK! The Hindutva forces have never filed criminal charges against the producers of such movies who are challenging many unwise age-old traditions?

The same Hindutva forces actually support all those vulgar songs sung by Punjabi singers, which propagate alcoholism, violence, misogyny, patriarchy and other demeaning topics.  Any material which can bring about real change in society to make a better society is frowned upon, especially if brought about by the followers of the Sikh religion, which has historically challenged the Brahminical-Manuvadi thought process.

The hypocrisy of the Hindutva in reference to this simple song which condemns all social ills created by the double standards of people of all faiths, is laughable!

The Indian government put out an official proclamation namely, ‘Circular (No. 153) issued in the July 1984 issue of ‘Baat Cheet’ an official magazine of the Indian Army’. Part of the Circular read: “Any knowledge of the Amritdharis who are dangerous people and pledge to commit murders, arson and acts of terrorism should immediately be brought to the notice of the authorities. These people may appear harmless from the outside but they are basically committed to terrorism. In the interest of all of us, their identity and whereabouts must always be disclosed.” Notice the word Sikh is completely missing from the language, yet this was an open hunting season of all ‘formally initiated Sikhs’ anywhere in India. Till today this notice has not been officially rescinded and no apologies forthcoming by the GOI, while hundreds of thousands of innocent Sikhs were murdered by the Indian government from 1984 – 1998 a prolonged pogrom across India by labelling Sikhs as terrorists, therefore disposable non-entities.

If this particular song which makes no mention of Hindus at all, is so hurtful to them, then the verses written by the Sikh Gurus condemning the actions of Brahmins, Khatris and others in the Sikh holy scripture – Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji should be blasphemy in their eyes!

It seems that the issue is not the song, but the message in it which talks about bringing about true equality and upliftment of all the oppressed and downtrodden which is a dangerous idea, because it attacks one of the two pillars of Brahminical-Hinduism, namely ‘caste apartheid’! Today every educated Hindu disavows the ‘caste system’ in public yet cling to it privately. So, the song should not bother them as it also targets the Sikhs and others who follow stupid traditions antithetical to their own religions.

The sensible, secular Hindu lobby needs to wake up and take proactive action against this very medieval thinking which cannot hold water on the touchstone of any universally elevating ethical and moral benchmarks, and do it soon before the Hindutva forces tear the innards and break the threads of the delicately held federation called India.


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