ASC rep participates at the BLM Interfaith vigil in Solon, OH on June 11, 2020

Dr.Gurdas Singh speaking at the event

American Sikh Council (ASC) President Dr. Gurdas Singh was invited by the Chagrin Valley Islamic Center to an Interfaith Vigil to express support for the family and friends of George Floyd and many others murdered by the police in Cleveland, Minnesota, Louisiana and other states.

The event took place in Solon at 7 p.m. on June 11, 2020. The interfaith vigil was attended by over 300 people to honor George Floyd and other African-Americans lost to racism and police violence on Thursday at the Veterans Memorial Park. More than twenty Faith leaders from many major religions and denominations serving the greater Cleveland area gathered to speak and pay their respects at this over an hour-long function. The vigil was held out in the open in front of an open-air gazebo.

Participants from various faith traditions gathered around the gazebo

Dr. Gurdas Singh spoke for few minutes as the representative of the Sikh Religion and ASC. He mentioned that the Sikh Religion believes in one Supreme power and that light prevails in all of us, thus we are all His children and He is our Father/Mother. The Sikh Religion stands firmly to protect the poor and weak and stands steadfastly for equal rights for everyone including our black brothers and sisters. Dr.Gurdas Singh reiterated that the black community can count on us to fight for the injustice against them till the racial discrimination is put to rest and everyone is treated fairly and equally.

The event was organized by Masroor Malik, a member of the Civic Board of Directors, and his wife, Simee Malik, the center’s director for outreach. The Maliks were also among the speakers at this event.

Members of the local City Council were also present and spoke out against the systemic violence against minorities of color.

The vigil ended with a prayer and candle lighting.

The participation by Dr. Gurdas Singh covered by the news


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