Sikh Americans standing with the BLM in Los Angeles, CA on June 7, 2020

Sikh American activists participate in the BLM peaceful protest in downtown Los Angeles

Members of the Sikh American community of the greater Los Angeles area banded together to participate and speak at the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest held at City hall in downtown Los Angeles, 200N.Spring St, LA, CA 90012 at Noon on June 7, 2020.

Sarbjit Singh from Burbank and Dr. Amrit Singh from Downey spoke eloquently about how Sikh values are about the protection and standing up of all others.

Surinderjit Singh serving water to the peaceful protesters in Los Angeles

Several other Sikh American activists also participated in the same event. In fact, many of them participated on Saturday June 6 and Sunday June 7 while distributing over 1,200 bottles of free water, garnering everyone’s appreciation.

The activists carried placards and signs which had verbiage in support of the BLM movement, including verses from the Sri Guru Granth Sahibji supporting others in reference to equality and justice.

KTLA news channel 5, located in the greater Los Angeles area also covered the large but peaceful protest.

Sarbjit Singh stated that the way to bring about the revolution is by not hating anyone but to raise our voices for humanity, liberty and justice for all.  He mentioned that we need to love all our neighbors and we need to see God in all. He empathically said, “George Floyd is alive in every person’s heart. It’s time for change so let us be the change. United we stand!”

It is commendable that that the Sikh Americans of the greater Los Angeles are really active in every facet of outreach, from volunteering at the annual Los Angeles Marathon, to serving free food to the needy and standing up for others.

Sikh Americans standing in solidarity for the BLM in protest in Los Angeles

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