Announcement about ordering the Mool Nanakshahi Calendar for 2021-2022

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After much effort and deliberation in November 2017 the sangat at the Sikh Religious Society (SRS) Gurdwara, Palatine, IL in collaboration with the American Sikh Council (ASC), invited over 300 representatives from more than 35 Gurdwaras across the US who got together for a full weekend to participate in the ‘Mool Nanakshahi Implementation Conference’.   

After much deliberation, in the last three years ASC and many other gurdwaras have published and distributed tens of thousands of Mool Nanakshahi Calendars (MNC) so that the correct and accurate dates, which are permanently fixed (based on the Solar/Gregorian, the present-day English calendar) are celebrated and not any floating dates based on the Lunar Calendar.

ASC sincerely requests all the gurdwaras to abide by the consensus of the panth (in the US) and celebrate all important Sikh religious dates according to the approved Mool Nanakshahi Calendar (MNC), which is the same as the one, the SGPC approved in 1999 and again in 2003, except for the three very important floating dates which fortunately have now been fixed permanently (see below).

1.            Guru Nanak’s Parkaash Purab on April 14th (1-Vaisaakh), Vaisaakhi

2.            Bandee Chorrd Divas on February 12th (1-Phaggan)

3.            Holla Muhalla on March 14th (1-Chet), Mool Nanakshahi New Year Day

Mathematical accuracy is critical when it comes to celebrating any and all-important religious events, so let us use common sense and logic to support the MNC.

Unless and until every Sikh takes up this moral responsibility and makes a personal quest to uphold the Mool Nanakshahi Calendar (MNC), we will not be able to keep our distinct independent identity and will continue on the slippery path of diluting our unique religious identity and independence from Brahminical Hindu[ism].

It is really important that all Sikhs gurdwara representatives and managements order calendars at a minimum for their local gurdwara sangats in order for everyone to be on the same page, so that we celebrate all our religious holidays on the correct days and avoid babas, sants or incorrect traditions, which will put us on the slippery path to Biparvad and oblivion.

To place an order and get next year’s Mool Nanakshahi Calendars (MNC), please contact the American Sikh Council (ASC) at and/or call 607-269-7454 and leave a message and we will respond within 24 hours.

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