‘Trolley Times’ by Farmers at Singhu Border, outside New Delhi!

Farmers from Punjab have led the world’s largest, yet incredibly peaceful protest to New Delhi. Millions of farmers starting with Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and many other states have joined since Nov 26, 2020.

Imagine a 15-20-mile six lane highway traffic jam and the drivers and passengers all camped out in and out of their tractor trolley wagons. This is the same situation of four other major highways, all blockading New Delhi, to protest the uninvited three black ‘Framers Laws’ unconstitutionally enacted at the height of the pandemic by the dictatorial PM Modi of India.

The outside temperature for December has been in the low 40s making it extremely cold with bone chilling winds, making it really hard for older people sleeping in the open. So far over 50 farmer activists have died mostly from the cold weather.

The unbelievable logistics to feed over half a million peaceful protestors on each of the five highways leading into New Delhi is a sight to behold. Over 2.5 million protestors are being fed via ‘langar’ by the protestors themselves, while keeping everyone safe. Ten-year-old year-old girls, young women and grandmothers can step out middle of the night and feel safe among strangers. 

The positive side of humanity is in full display on the open highways. Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Christian, Buddhists, Dalits, rich, poor, laborers, etc., all eating the same food and sipping the same hot tea while having discussions and getting to know one and another. Old real and perceived religious animosities mostly created by the government-controlled media are breaking down in plain sight, with strangers hugging each other and crying. Countless handicapped farmers and laborers from Punjab have had the courage to ride bicycles and walk hundreds of miles to participate in the protests.

This is truly history in the making and puts every other peaceful protest on the planet to shame by miles. Our media in America seems to be hypnotized by Emperor Trump while the world’s greatest historic show is happening since Nov 26, 2020 on all the highways surrounding the capital of India.

Farmers are so savvy and entrepreneurial, that they have setup libraries for all to read, stations of foot massagers for the elderly, a shopping mall for all the basic necessities, security teams rotating 24/7, gyms, first aid stations, ambulances, doctors on call and much more – all completely free. To cover all the above, the first roadside magazine from ‘ground zero’ at the Singhu border was published on December 18, 2020. 

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