Supporting the world’s largest people’s protest in India!

It has been over 55 days since farmers, farm laborers, middlemen, common citizens, men, women, children, and even the handicapped have camped out on five major highways blockading the Indian capital of New Delhi. By now the entire planet is aware of the largest protest by farmers and others, happening peacefully in the world’s largest ‘democracy’. 

This protest is incredibly peaceful, disciplined, organized, well-fed, entertained and much more all by the protesters themselves. This protest has become the envy of the world as an ideal example of how a real protest must be led, putting the Gandhis’ of yore to shame.

The farmers of Punjab have shown the world an incredible example of true servant leadership, while making sure they are fighting for ‘Sarbat the Balla’ (Welfare of All) in this monumental people’s protest. The Sikhs in particular and Punjab have endless ongoing unresolved issues vis-à-vis the Indian government. Those unaddressed grievances are genuine and must be resolved sooner than later. But, right now the entire focus is to repeal the three morbid Farmers Laws, with the help of every Indian citizen. Millions of ordinary Indians of every religious hue are joining and the protests are getting bigger by the day, even though the government is using all the tools of state apparatus to stop people across India from reaching New Delhi.

The RSS/BJP party of the Modi government with the help of the massive Ambani/Adnani media machine at its disposal, is trigger happy to belittle and malign the farmers and especially Sikh farmers leading the protest as Khalistanis backed by an unknown foreign country, Hindu farmers as Marxists backed by China, Muslim protesters as Pakistanis and the list of crass allegations is endless.

In the last one week the Indian government out of desperation is using its National Investigation Agency (NIA) to harass and intimidate many of the leaders of farm unions, various independent journalists, well-known actors/singers, ordinary Sikhs helping serve langar and many others. The current government has no experience and has never dealt with a unique protest of this kind and that too led by Sikh farmers from Punjab. 

Even though the farmers of Haryana have had a huge role to play, but being Hindus primarily have not been targeted yet, by the government. The Modi government is only looking for the lamest of excuses to label and malign Sikhs as Khalistani – antinational so that they can arrest them to quell and derail the massive protest, which has really shaken the government. 

It is critical that the focus should be to fully support this mass protest, while no organization of any kind, in or out of India should interfere in this protest in any shape or form. Outside meddling in the current protest can derail the collective focus because the Indian government enjoys harassing even legitimate dissenters by arresting and detaining them indefinitely. Since Sikhs are the primary targets it is imperative that the collective unity and discipline be maintained to help make the ‘People’s Protest’ a complete success.

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