Aftermath of the People Protest at India’s Republic Day Parade 2021!

The American Sikh Council (ASC) wants to congratulate the Farmer (Kisan) Union leaders, each and every farmer, farm worker, and every Indian who participated in the world’s largest Tractor Rally protesting and participating in India’s Republic Day parade on Tuesday January 26, 2021 to display their public dissent against the draconian Farm Laws which were unconstitutionally enacted by the Modi government. 

Over two hundred thousand farm tractors with trolleys in tow, some of which were over 30-mile-long rolling protests on several highways, entered New Delhi in the early hours of January 26, 2021. Over a million unarmed peaceful protestors marched into Delhi on tractors and walked to show their defiance against the dictatorial and autocratic shenanigans of the Modi regime against its own people.

The residents of New Delhi showered the entering protestors with flower petals and jubilation like rock stars. This was a genuine display of affection for the brave farmers and all other protestors for holding their head high while suffering the cold elements for more than two months steadfastly.

The protestors did a remarkable job of keeping the discipline considering the organizers had to control over a million people with no help from the authorities. Along the route of the march not a single store was looted, there was no rioting, no women were molested, while the authorities tried every underhanded tactic to derail and malign the protestors with the help of the national media which has sold its conscience to the PM long ago. 

Based on several news reports the Indian government had allowed the Tractor Rally to participate in this annual function on certain designated routes. Albeit their hypocrisy is unbelievable because the same highways were quietly riddled with massive barricades setup overnight to stop the rally. The well-organized march was challenged by the police and thousands of protesters were tear gassed, beaten up with batons and several peaceful protestors have been shot for no apparent reason.

The Police have acted worse than thugs. Multiple videos clearly show how the police in plainclothes infiltrated the protesters and had broken windows, punctured tractors tires, removed parts, siphoned off diesel, out of hundreds of tractors, simply to stop the protestors, even when the government had clearly allowed the protest rally to happen. Protestors apprehended over a dozen of the police thugs with their police ID cards. Nothing can be more disgraceful! This kind of highhanded behavior is to be expected from the world’s largest dictatorship. The reality is that a super corrupt and untrustworthy government which never keeps its promises, verbal or written is capable of doing anything ignoble.

Napoleons have come and gone but the country and its people should be given utmost priority, instead a handful of puny leaders without any relevant leadership skills in governance are trying to ram very ill-advised laws which have been written up by their crony capitalists friends to permanently suck on the entire population with no qualms of its dire consequences. Modi cannot be so callous as to not understand the gravity of the situation he has put the entire country in, simply to massage his personal ego. Over 150 farmers and other protestors have died since November 26, 2020, yet India’s leader Modi has not condoled their deaths even once!

This colossal ongoing ‘people protest’ has got even more entrenched and millions more will be joining the already over a million protestors blockading the capitol for the last two months. The Indian government should stop believing in their own immorality, and see the reality facing them starkly. If the laundry of list of laws (which include the three Farm Laws, new Labor Laws, etc.) negatively impinging on the economic lives of farmers, farm laborers and the over a billion working class people are not rectified for their genuine prosperity, then the day is not far when civil society will implode, making conditions uncontrollable for the ruling regime. 

The ‘divide and rule’ narrative which has always been at the foundation of Brahmanical ideology is now part of modern Hindutva but the public angst is on full public display wanting no part of the BJP/RSS medieval hate ideology. The cabal of the political upper-caste or the permanent caste majority rulers cannot be taken for granted. The age of information has educated even the ordinary workers are politically aware, therefore will demand the devious electronic voting machines be removed to have fair and honest elections, bringing in a better cadre of politicians who look out for their issues and not the crony capitalists.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) is extremely concerned for the welfare of all people of India, especially the farmers and the poor, who may not fully comprehend the impending doom being foisted on them by a dictatorial government.  It is about time the rest of the world recognized the true nature of that government, something which has been on full display for the last two months.

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