Billboards in Bakersfield, CA in support of the Farmers Protest in India!

The American Sikh Council (ASC) has lent its full support to all the hardworking farmers and the people of India to vociferously protest the unconstitutional ‘Farm laws’ enacted in September 2020 to the detriment of the population of that country.

It is the moral duty of people, regardless of their religious affiliations to strongly protest against tyrannical laws which negatively affect the vast majority of people forcing them to go to the streets and voice their dissent, because these highly biased Farm Laws have been written completely in favor of a handful of super-rich greedy corporate houses who want to control the entire food supply chain in perpetuity while enslaving the bulk of the population.

Sikh Americans, Dalit-Americans, Buddhist-Americans, Muslim-Americans and even non-religious people living in the diaspora have remonstrated against these very dangerous and ill-conceived laws. Sikh Americans in particular have taken out dozens of massive peaceful car rallies from Boston to Los Angeles showing their angst.

In order to educate and support the world largest peaceful protest which has now become a ‘Peoples Protest’ the American Sikh Council (ASC), other organizations and many individuals have started putting up billboards across the nation to remind the American public about the pain and suffering of the common people of India.

The latest billboards supporting the ‘Farmers Protest’ have been installed on highway 99 in the city of Bakersfield, California. The two huge billboards with continuous messaging are being seen by the travelling public with the daily traffic of over 100,000 cars and commercial vehicles. Thanks to some very enterprising sewadars these billboards will definitely help raise the awareness about the peaceful ongoing mass agitation in its fourth month.

One of the first billboards installed for the same reason was in the state New Jersey by some passionate youth. This billboard was installed in a corridor with over 150,000 vehicles passing by 24/7 and has had overwhelmingly positive support.

ASC humbly requests all the gurdwaras and sangat members to continue to put up more billboards across our nation to sustain this momentous event, as it is our moral duty that we should all be standing on the right side of history.

ASC would like to thank and congratulate all the sewadars of Southern California for their wonderful sewa to help our brothers and sisters across the other side of the world.

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