Sikh Americans from Brookfield, WI participate in the July 4, Parade

The Sikh Religious Society of Wisconsin, Brookfield, WI a long-time member of the American Sikh Council (ASC), participated in Independence Day parade held on Saturday July 3, under name the of Sikh American community. One of the main organizers of the parade was Dr. Gurcharan Singh, the past President of the gurdwara and current board member of ASC.

The main parade started off from the corner of Gebhardt Road and Calhoun Road at 10 am on Saturday. The parade wound its way via Calhoun Road, then turning into North Ave and then ending at a point on Norhardt Drive.

It seemed like the entire town of Brookfield was out having fun while actively participating in the Independence Day festivities. Thousands of people lined the streets on both sides while various groups, bands, cheerleaders, ethnic/religious groups showcased themselves and shared their patriotism.

The townspeople of Brookfield were very warm and enthusiastic towards the Sikh American participation. Many reached out with cheers, waves and smiles, while some came up to ask questions. Dr. Gurcharan Singh was stopped by a excited grandmother with her grandson asking for literature to satisfy her grandson’s curiosity about the Sikhs. After chatting with her Dr. Singh handed her a booklet on the Sikhs, satisfying them and they walked away smiling.

Children, women and men of all ages from the local Sikh American community put much effort into making this year’s Independence Day parade a success. The Sikh American contingent also carried a banner in support of farmers of India which read, ‘Support Indian Farmers – No Farmers, No Food, #Farmers Protest’.

The local Sikh Americans and all the organizers must be applauded for their sewa and zeal.

Sikh Americans should continue to actively participate in all local, town and city events, just as all other citizens of our nation do. 

Originally the old gurdwara was located at W. Fond Du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, but over the years from a handful of families in the 1970s today there are several hundred families which attend services at Brookfield and the other gurdwara in Oak Creek, WI.

With growing numbers, the community has become economically and professionally diverse. While many early community members, including founders of the Sikh Religious Society, were university professors, medical professionals, and later entrepreneurs and small business owners, some of whom went on to become prominent members of the local community.

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