Stop the demolition of the Guru Ram Das Saran at Darbar Sahib, Amritsar!

The American Sikh Council (ASC) is very concerned about the continued lackadaisical and callous attitude of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) when dealing with any and all buildings or structures connected with the Sikh heritage.

The SGPC should have a permanent, highly educated professional staff of archeologists specializing in Sikh heritage, who are constantly vigilant about saving those particular structures where the blood of so many innocent Sikhs has been spilt, and not to mention are truly historic in nature.

The SGPC seems to operate more on the lines of a typical corrupt enterprise, run by mostly incompetent men who are hand in glove with the political toadies of the Akali Badal Party, which is in bed with an extremely corrupt right-wing Hindu BJP Party, which in turn is trying their best to demolish every tiny facet of the Sikh heritage in any way which they can!

By and large even the common Sikhs in Punjab seem to have lost their moral compass, as no large-scale protests are being held, especially when the nincompoops running the SGPC pretend not to see beyond their noses and are destroying the Sikh heritage buildings thoughtlessly.

The entire Darbar Sahib complex has history written in every nook and cranny. Every brick and tile has a story to tell, as long as we have the patience to listen. Earlier many such really historic buildings have fallen victim to the so-called Indian government proposed ‘Galiara project’ which was planned right after their June 1984 attack, so that the it would be easier for the Indian regime to enter and exit if they ever had to attack the Darbar Sahib again, all under the clever pretext of beautifying the overall complex.

The Darbar Sahib complex is the heartbeat of a living Sikh religion, with over four centuries of phenomenal history and drenched with the blood of many martyrs. To remove even a single brick, is sullying our hallowed heritage. Unfortunately, the current toothless guardian of the Akal Takhat and the criminally tainted President of the SGPC have bartered their souls to the Badal devil for a pittance, hence all voices of protest about the impending demolition Guru Ram Das Saran may fall on deaf ears.

There have definitely been some sane and loud voices of objection from a few Sikh groups on the ground, including the Sikh activist Baldev Singh Wadala.

The Guru Ram Das Saran is the oldest operational serai in the Darbar Sahib complex and must be treated as such. There are multiple construction engineering techniques available today to fix old buildings without razing them and rebuilding.

It will not surprise anyone if the entire contract to rebuild the Guru Ram Das Saran is given to a (un)holy Kar Sewa Baba or another (un)sanctified contractor who will have to give massive kickbacks to Badal and Co, because the Darbar Sahib is used as an ATM by many who run it.

SGPC President, Bibi Jagir Kaur, stated, “Many Sikhs were killed in the serai in 1984 and their names along with photographs would be inscribed.” After destroying the Guru Ram Das Saran and then sticking photographs and inscribing names of those murdered by the Indian regime, on a new wall will not save and keep the original heritage intact.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) requests all sane Sikh individuals with a conscience to vociferously protest against the destruction of our heritage, so that Bibi Jagir Kaur and her colleagues come to their senses. The American Sikh Council appeals to all those Sikh historians, archeologists, heritage buffs in Punjab to band together immediately and form an ad-hoc committee to hold the SGPC accountable for everything that they do and stop them before they destroy our glorious heritage.

Please note: ASC strongly objects to anyone calling the Darbar Sahib, the Golden Temple. The Darbar Sahib is the only correct and accurate name, as the ‘court of the ONE’. It is not a temple in any shape or form, while the gold is completely incidental.

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