Leadership change at the American Sikh Council (ASC)

The Board of the American Sikh Council (ASC) through consensus, nominated the following sewadars to the new executive committee. S. Jasbir Kaur of Ohio the President, Dr. Manbir Singh of California the Vice-President, S. Harkirat Singh of Illinois the Treasurer and S. Kavneet Singh of New Jersey the interim Secretary and Chief Resource & Advocacy Officer.

S. Jasbir Kaur is a longtime educator and a high school English teacher in the Youngstown district. She is also a much sought after Gurbani scholar, a Sikh activist who has been promoting the Sikh value system actively on Radio and TV platforms for the last ten years, while actively participating in many Sikh youth camps across our nation and serving on the ASC board. It is the first time that a woman has been nominated the President of the American Sikh Council (ASC) a national umbrella organization of 74 gurdwaras and Sikh institutions.

Dr. Manbir Singh is a practicing physician and served on the (ASC) board for many years, who also is a founder of the Guru Angad Darbar Gurdwara in Bakersfield, CA, a longtime convenor of the Sikh Youth Symposium, a public speaking platform for Sikh youth across the nation, a former joint-secretary of the Tri-State Sikh Society Gurdwara, Monroeville, PA, and continues to be actively involved in Sikh affairs.

S. Harkirat Singh is a businessman who is (ASC) board member as well as well as the representative of the Sikh Religious Society (SRS) Gurdwara, Palatine, IL.  He has served on their board and continues to be actively involved at the SRS Gurdwara while a sewadar on the ASC board.

S. Kavneet Singh, a longtime board member, has served on the executive committee in various roles. He has been instrumental in leading and guiding the various national initiatives which are being promoted across the nation by ASC on an ongoing basis today. 

The ASC board expects that the new executive will lead the organization to greater heights, including promoting and protecting accurate Sikh values, while trying to build bridges through the Sikh American community across the country and beyond.

The Board sincerely appreciates the sewa of the outgoing President, Dr Gurdas Singh of Ohio. He has been instrumental in not only guiding the organization smoothly but has built bridges, with his team building style of leadership through consensus. He has been consistently supporting the organization in every which way he can, especially through the ongoing pandemic. The board is very thankful for Dr. Gurdas Singh’s leadership and his humble sewa.

All the sewadars on the board also thank the member gurdwaras for their continued involvement and support. More gurdwaras need to join so there is strength in numbers and the collective voice of Sikh Americans can make a bigger impact regarding many critical issues affecting the Sikhs in America.

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