Sikh Scouting event held at the Sikh Religious Society Gurdwara, Palatine, IL on September 18-19, 2021.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) and its representatives were invited to the Sikh Religious Society (SRS) Gurdwara, Palatine, IL to hold an event to educate and inform those parents and their children who wanted to understand the Sikh Scouting program initiated by the American Sikh Council in conjunction with Scouts-BSA a national Scouting organization.

The two-hour event was held between 2 – 4 pm in the main diwan hall on Saturday September 18, 2021. Over 35 local parents and their children, some who are regular Gurmat School students and others from the community as well as parents living up to an hour away made an extra effort to attend the program at the SRS gurdwara.

The Scout Executive/CEO, Jeff Isaac and Asst. Director of Field Service, Cedric Bodley attended the event. Both are representatives of one of the largest Scouting Councils in the country, namely the Pathway to Adventure Council (PTAC) who went out of their way to enthusiastically engage with the youngsters and their parents. Jeff Isaac shared a presentation giving an overview of the various opportunities within Scouting for children to learn multiple types of leadership and life skills while having fun in the great outdoors. The PTAC has over 15,000 Scouts from ages 5 -18 under their wing.

Jeff Isaac even highlighted a young 15-year-old Arvin Singh a Scout who is part of a team, whose science experiment is currently on the Space Station. This is a part of the great STEM program run by PTAC, which is really inspirational for others to emulate.

Both ASC representatives, Harkirat Singh and Kavneet Singh spoke to the attendees. Kavneet Singh not only shared a presentation on the over seventeen years of sewa by ASC volunteers in laying the foundation of Sikh Scouting, but how Sikh American Scouts have thrived within the Scouting family to not only be more engaged with their non-Sikh peers, but have become better Sikhs as they have matured through the Scouting program. He also shared lots of printed material produced by ASC, all related to Sikh Scouting from brochures, to prayer books, to religious workbooks, Sikh Scout medallion/emblems and even unique Sikh patches.

On Sunday September 19, 2021 Kavneet Singh addressed the general sangat at the gurdwara while highlighting the Sikh Scouting initiative and all its benefits to empower Sikh children moving forward.

Many Sikh parents are excited about the Sikh Scouting program and want to start their own unit within the gurdwara. PTAC and ASC will diligently work with all the adult volunteers to support any effort in starting a Pack and a Troop for the long-term benefit of all the Sikh children associated in and out of Gurmat School at SRS Gurdwara, Palatine, IL.

The committee and board members at the SRS Gurdwara must be thanked for their proactive determination to hold and make the event a success.  ASC sincerely appreciates Salvinder Kaur a board member who oversees the Gurmat School, Harkirat Singh a member of the gurdwara along with being an ASC board member, the Gurmat School principal and other committee members of the SRS gurdwara who helped arrange the event.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) hopes that the sangat of SRS gurdwara, Palatine steps up and takes full advantage of the fantastic Sikh Scouting program to further help all our children in gaining excellent leadership and other life skills.

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