ASC presents at the Barrack Hebrew Academy, Bryn Mawr, PA

American Sikh Council (ASC) representative Kavneet Singh did presentations for the senior high school students in two separate sessions at the Barrack Hebrew Academy, Bryan Mawr, PA on October 15, 2021, as part of the class on comparative religions.

The Barrack Hebrew Academy is private Jewish day school starting from Middle to High School with approximately 350 children, which has been sending children to the upper tier universities across the nation.

ASC representative Kavneet Singh was invited to give an overview of the Sikh Religion and address the 12th graders. The students were well prepared for the event as they were directed by their teachers to watch several videos and read up before the presentations were given. The inquisitive students asked dozens of questions which Kavneet Singh was happy to answer. Many students and teachers took the brochures and other material for further reading. Other than the questions of faith, history, identity, many of the questions were on bullying, bias, interfaith/gay marriage, also!

The students and teachers of the Barrack Hebrew Academy were very appreciative of the overall interactive event.  As one of the seniors stated, “This is so interesting and cool, I wish there was more time to learn about the Sikh Religion.”

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