The barbaric lynching of a Sikh in New Delhi by Hindu criminals on Nov 2, 2021!

The American Sikh Council (ASC) is shocked at the unbelievably cruel lynching of a young 23-year-old Sikh in the streets of New Delhi, India on November 2, 2021.

Jaskaran Singh son of a Sikh granthi, Jarnail Singh was accosted by Hindu goons on a public street in New Delhi and literally beaten to death. Bystanders took videos of the horror but nobody stepped to help and stop the murder. At the moment there is absolutely no clarity, why this despicable murder took place? Ramesh Ram, Vijay Manchanda, Babloo Naggar, Shubham Grover and Atif are the five arrested so far! Whether there will be an actual trail with justice served is to be seen! One thing is clear, i.e., the Hindu-Indian media is absolutely silent. One tiny Indian online news network did mention the incident but twisted the narrative so that the public does not get to know the shocking truth.  

On Thursday November 4, 2021 unidentified criminals set ablaze two tents and a car seriously damaging everything at the Singhu border (outside New Delhi) where farmers have been protesting against the three ‘Black’ farm laws enacted by the Indian regime, over the last few months.

On Oct 3, 2021 eight unarmed innocent farmers were purposely run over by India’s Deputy Home Minister Ajay Kumar Mishra’s son in broad daylight. Seven out of the eight were all Sikh farmers, and they were targeted as they also constitute some of the bigger farmers in the local area of Lakhimpur Kheri in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Mishra a Brahmin-Hindu has been arrested after much pressure but is still being treated like royalty, by being kept in a fancy hospital under the pretext that he is ill.

While the Sikhs all over the planet are remembering the week-long Sikh Genocide of November 1984, by holding prayers, candlelight vigils, discussions, conferences, the RSS/Hindutva inspired goons of the Indian regime have become an army of professional lynch mobsters, hounding individual members of minorities like Sikhs, Muslims, Dalits and may others, to murder them under the flimsiest pretext in order to show them who is boss!

The RSS/BJP Hindutva leadership is actually making sure that all the religious minorities of India are cowed down and live-in perpetual fear of the rabidly emboldened political caste Hindus. Humans can live in fear, but there is a limit depending on their circumstances. No one can be mentally shackled permanently because the world has changed rapidly and the social media world has brought information and education to the fingertips of anyone who owns a cell phone.

It is critical for all non-Hindus to understand that the Brahminical ideology stands on two main pillars. First, is all their oral traditions and various written religious texts with many which contradict each other. Second, is their ‘caste system’ the most diabolical socio-economic engineering design, masquerading under the super thin veneer of Hinduism correctly known as Sanatan Dharma. Both pillars are required for a Hindu to remain Hindu. Any Hindu who claims he/she does not believe in the horrific ‘caste system’ cannot be Hindu, based on their own religious traditions. A Hindu must believe in both foundational pillars to remain and be accepted as a proper Hindu among their own.

Therefore, for the Brahmins who are also known as Priests/Pandits/Pujaris, it is all about complete control of not only their own kind, but especially controlling and oppressing those that do not fit into their mold or ideological paradigm.

Furthermore, the insidious ‘caste system’ is still very much entrenched because it was designed and built to enslave all others and used for the personal economic benefit of the very few self-appointed elites calling themselves Brahmins and by claiming divine sanction from their ‘gods’ directly, while also being above the same ‘gods’. This unfortunately is the harsh and ungodly truth! 

Under these circumstances it should not be difficult to understand why the young Sikh was lynched, or why there was a ‘Sustained Sikh Genocide 1984-1998’, or why Muslims are being randomly lynched, or why Dalits have been lynched for a millennium?

Over 750+ peacefully protesting farmers have died on the outskirts of New Delhi since November 2020, while the Prime Minister of India has not uttered a word of sadness, regret or condolence in over eleven months. The entire world is now watching and not all people have short memories.

The real question is whether the RSS/BJP/Hindutva controlled Indian regime realizes that they are doing everything in their power to actually divide and break up their own country? Since the RSS/BJP/Hindutva regime has ruled India since 2014, it is clear as daylight for not only all religious minorities, but all sane people to see their Nazi inspired fascist agenda careening their country towards the abyss.

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