Sikh Scout receives Sikh Emblem at the Sikh Sabha Gurdwara, NJ Dec 18, 2021

Karman Singh receiving his Sikh emblem at the Sikh Sabha Gurdwara, Lawrenceville, NJ

American Sikh Council (ASC) representatives Sutinder Singh and Kavneet Singh participated in the Sikh emblem ceremony at the Sikh Sabha Gurdwara, Lawrenceville, NJ on Dec 18, 2021, where Karman Singh was honored with the ‘Nirvair’ Sikh Emblem in the presence of the sangat.

Sutinder Singh addressed the sangat and briefly explained the Sikh Scouting Initiative and then had Roopreet Kaur present the Sikh emblem to Karman Singh. This proud young Sikh is determined to earn his Eagle Scout award and continues his Scouting journey along with his Sikhi.

The Sikh Scouting program initiated by the American Sikh Council (ASC) in collaboration with Scouts-BSA, a National Scouting organization. ASC representatives have been working on the Sikh Scouting program for over a decade and half, which is now a used across the nation.

In 2014 the Sikh Religious Awards Workbooks and the Sikh Emblems were approved by BSA-Scouts to be used to teach and empower Sikhs, non-Sikhs, Scouts and non-Scouts children across our country. Children learn the basics of Sikhi, our history, our heritage and about the lives of the ten Guru Sahibs. There are four workbooks – two for the Elementary School, one for the Middle School and one for the High School level.

Kavneet Singh, Karman Singh, Roopreet Kaur and Sutinder Singh

This year alone several dozen Sikh American and non-Sikh American Scouts have earned the Sikh Religious Emblems.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) encourages the sangats of various gurdwaras across America to take full advantage of the fantastic Sikh Scouting program to further help all our children in gaining excellent leadership and other life skills in order to make them even more confident and well-rounded while on their path of Sikhi.

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