ASC rep Dr. Gurdas Singh gives a presentation on Roads Scholar Trip in Mexico!

American Sikh Council (ASC) representative Dr. Gurdas Singh while on vacation in Mexico on February 27, 2022, requested the director of the Roads Scholar Vacations if he could address his co-passengers in order to enlighten and educate them about his heritage. The director obliged and Dr. Gurdas Singh gave a lecture on the Sikh Religion and heritage while on a road trip through scenic Mexico.

Even the well-heeled, well intentioned and educated can be ignorant. So, teaching and learning can never stop and this is a perfect way to educate others. The vacationers asked many interesting questions and had long discussions later in the evening. Many of the co-passengers came away with renewed sense of respect for the practitioners of the Sikh Religion.

Any opportunity to make our neighbors and friends aware about who we are in a non-proselytizing manner can only enhance the positive attributes of our heritage, as we Sikhs have no clergy and it behooves each one of us to avail of any opportunity to share information with others, especially during these challenging times of misinformation and ignorance.

Dr. Gurdas Singh must be applauded for never missing any opportunity to highlight and present the basics of the Sikh Religion, front and center in a polite and forthright manner to everyone he meets.

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