American Sikh Council wishes the Sikh Nation a very happy Guru Nanak Sahibji’s Parkash Purab and Khalsa Saajna Divas!

The American Sikh Council (ASC) conveys its best wishes to the Sikh Nation on the most auspicious day of ‘1 Vasakh 554 Nanakshahi’ (April 14) according to the Mool Nanakshahi (Sikh) Calendar.

People of various religions consider their particular religious calendars to be crucial in guiding them about celebrating their historic and other religious holidays with accuracy. The unique and distinctly independent Sikh religion also has its own unique ‘Mool Nanakshahi Calendar’ (MNC). The MNC used by the Sikh nation is in the above link.

Historical records and research by several world-renowned scholars of Sikh history have shown that up till 1868 Guru Nanak Sahib’s birthday was commemorated on the 14th of April at the place of his birth, at Nankana Sahib.

However, due to political, social, economic and anti-Sikh motives, the date was changed to sometime in October-November. Those reasons are no longer valid or applicable and the date was changed back to April 14 after adopting the correct, “Mool Nanakshai Calendar,” by the command of the Akal Takhat in 2003.  Since then, anti-Sikh forces have been attempting to revert back to a date which has non-Sikh connotations, by publishing and convincing Sikhs to follow a fraudulent, “Nanakshahi Calendar,” which includes other incorrect dates which move constantly, every year.

Our current dilemma is that the SGPC is being guided by the Brahmin Pandits/anti-Sikh Scholars/Sikh Baba-derawalas, even though the Mool Nanakshai Calendar is totally scientific and made by Sikh Scholars, which is the same exact calendar which was originally approved and adopted by the Akal Takhat/SGPC in 2003, but later around 2010 was discarded due to the pro-RSS/BJP political leadership in Punjab.

Historically Guru Nanak Sahib was born on 1 Vasakh and not in Katak. The Khalsa Saajna Divas was also celebrated on 1 Vasakh.

This date is the backbone of our nation as on this day we learnt how to be imbued with the Guru’s love and therefore also in love with humanity and everything around us. This is the same day when Sikhs were blessed with Piri and Miri, a principle that every Sikh is commanded to follow responsibly!

Furthermore, on such important days we must remember to always use the correct Sikh vocabulary and we should not let anybody change the terminology of our religion and heritage. For example; a ‘gurdwara’ is not a gurughar or a Sikh temple; similarly, the holy ‘Darbar Sahib’ is not a Harmandar or Hari Mandir or the Golden Temple; likewise, the ‘Jathedar’ is a political leader and must be addressed only as Jathedar and not as a high priest, etc.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) extends its sincere best wishes to the entire Sikh Nation on the two most important religious’ holidays – namely, ‘Guru Nanak Sahibji’s Parkash Purab’ and the ‘Khalsa Saajna Divas’, on ‘1 Vasakh 554 Nanakshahi’ (April 14, 2022)! It is not by any accident or a coincidence that the birth of the founder of the Sikh religion and the formation of the Khalsa are on the same day, but a deliberately well thought foresight of the glorious enlightener to charge us with the spirit of the truly ‘sovereign’ through ‘his’ divine revelations, so that we remember both simultaneously.

Furthermore, the cultural harvest festival celebrated in Punjab happens to be ‘Vaisakhi’ which also falls on the same day! Spring brings blossom in the environment and so does the harvesting of crops in Punjab bringing bountiful abundance to all.

Let us all remember to celebrate “1 Vasakh 554 Nanakshahi” (April 14) as very responsible Sikhs and not allow our cultural sensibilities to overpower the religious.

Once again wishing everyone a very happy ’Gurpurab’, ‘Khalsa Saajna Divas’ and Vaisakhi!

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