Ongoing sewa by Preet Mohan Singh of Indiana!

Preet Mohan Singh (2nd from right) at a school in Patiala, Punjab

The American Sikh Council (ASC) wants to congratulate and highlight the ongoing sewa being done by Preet Mohan Singh of Lafayette, Indiana. He runs a Sikh welfare non-profit in his mother’s name, called Mata Raj Kaur Memorial Society.

Preet Mohan Singh who owns multiple businesses, all built through sheer hard work and determination over the years, which has provided a comfortable life for his family today. What stands out is that he has not forgotten one of the core values of Sikhi, i.e., to never stop thinking of ‘Sikhi Di Sohch’! From his local community to the gurdwaras, he has always lent a helping hand to support various major causes.

Preet Mohan Singh (center row – sitting on left) with Sikh students at a school in Punjab

In the ongoing sewa he has not forgotten his roots either. For years he has continued to provide books, uniforms, smart classrooms equipment and tuition fees for the underprivileged Sikhs in several schools in Punjab. He regularly reaches out to Gursikhs doing altruistic work in order to learn and support their various endeavors.

Preet Mohan Singh addressing the graduate students at Punjab University, Chandigarh

On a recent trip to Punjab, he met Dhaneshwar Rao a Professor of Sociology from Karnataka, India who is passionately promoting Punjabi in Punjab. This unusual academic who teaches at the post-graduate school of Punjab University has learnt Gurmukhi out of passion and has been promoting the ‘Panthi Akar’ publicly through street parchar, in and around Chandigarh. Anyone who can recite the ‘Panthi Akar’ is given a monetary reward of Rupees 35! In late May of this year, Prof Rao invited Preet Mohan Singh to address his class and to share his life’s life experiences with the graduate students, in order to inspire them and better their own lives.

Preet Mohan Singh with Sundeep Kaur and Prof Rao

Preet Mohan Singh’s primary focus is to guide and help support the next generation of Sikhs so that they learn Gurmukhi and follow the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, inspiring all of them to thrive in the future.

One of the schools in Punjab supported by Preet Mohan Singh

The American Sikh Council (ASC) sincerely appreciates Preet Mohan Singh’s sewa to help and empower our Sikh youth, wherever they are across the globe, and may the Akal Purakh bless him!

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