Fishing skills taught to Cub Scouts from Pack 48 in Southern NJ.

American Sikh Council (ASC) representative Kavneet Singh a merit badge counselor and a Scout leader held a ‘fishing event’ at the Acorn Hill Lake in Voorhees, NJ on September 22, 2022.

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor sports across America where the entire family can be involved. One of the skills children in Scouts can learn is how to handle a fishing rod, fixing the line, tying knots, safety and much more.

For Cub Scouts who form ‘Packs’ (boys and girls) from kindergarten to 5th grade, there are various levels, starting with Lion, Tiger, Bear, Wolf, Webelo I and Webelo II. There are several planned activities within each level and they can earn ‘Pins’ and ‘Belt Loops’ for various activities and skills learnt. This event was specifically for the Bears from Pack 48.

Part of the learning process and acquiring new skills for youngsters in Scouting is to earn various merit badges, while they prove their mettle by learning the basics of each skill.

Kavneet Singh as a Scout leader teaches several merit badges and one of them is fishing. Over a dozen Bears along-with their parents participated in the nearly two-hour fishing event. Many did catch fish and some for the very first time. Scouts learnt how to setup and use the fishing gear safely; how to tie various fishing knots; how to cast properly; how to fix a problem reel and more. There was so much enthusiasm and excitement from the Bears while catching sun fish and crappies.

Scouting teaches an amazing selection of skills while Scouts have fun in the great outdoors and make friends with others. Sikh American parents are encouraged to enroll their children in any Scout Pack and/or Scout Troop and make full use of this fantastic program which has and continues to benefit millions of young children across our nation. Scouting is one of the best programs available to teach leadership skills while enjoying the great outdoors.

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