Books on Sikh Human Rights Violations

  1. POLITICS OF GENOCIDE – Punjab 1984-1998: Inderjit Singh Jaijee ISBN: 81-202-0513-2 [393P](E) $15
  2. THE SIKHS OF PUNJAB: Dr.Joyce J.M.Pettigrew ISBN: 1-85649-355-5 [212P](E) $20 Zed Books
  3. Fighting for Faith and Nation: Dr.Cynthia Keppley Mahmood ISBN: 0-8122-3361-1 [314P] $20
  4. STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE: Dr.Ranbir Singh Sandhu ISBN:0-9672874-0-5 [501P](E) $20 [#] Sheridian
  5. SIKHS IN HISTORY: Dr.Sangat Singh ISBN: 81-900650-2-3(or)-2-5 [606P](E) $15 Uncommon Books
  6. THE ONLY OPTION FOR THE SIKHS: (Col) Dr. Santokh Singh Dharam (E) $5
  7. INDIA COMMITS SUICIDE: Dr.Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon (E) $10 Singh & Singh Publishers, Chandigarh
  8. REDUCED TO ASHES – Insurgency and Human Rights in Punjab: Ram Narayan Kumar, Amrik Singh, Ashok Agarwaal and Jaskaran Kaur ISBN: 99933-53-57-4 (E) $ 30 (2003)
  9. The Sikh Unrest & The Indian State: Ram Narayan Kumar (26 & 27)(E)
  10. A Complex Denial – Disappearances, Secret Cremations & The Issue Of Truth In Punjab: Ram Narayan Kumar
  11. THE SIKHS STRUGGLE FOR SOVEREIGNTY: Dr.Harjinder S.Dilgeer ISBN:0-9695964-0-5 (E) $ 20 [#]
  12. INDIA KILLS THE SIKHS: Dr.Awatar Singh Sekhon ISBN:0-9695964-9-9 [390P] (2002)(E) $ 20 [#]
  13. A White Paper on the Sikh Nation: Dr.Awatar Singh Sekhon ISBN:0-9695964-8-0 [145P] (2006)(E) $10 [#]
  14. REPORT TO THE NATION – Oppression in Punjab: Justice V.M.Tarkunde & Etal (E) $5
  15. SOFT TARGET: Zuhair Kashmeri & Brian McAndrew ISBN:1-55028-221-2, 1-55028-904-7 $20
  16. PUNJAB UNDER SIEGE- A Critical Analysis: (Brig) Dr.Iqbal Singh ISBN:0-934839-03-4 (E) $10
  17. LOST IN HISTORY 1984 RECONSTRUCTED: Gunisha Kaur; ISBN:0-9762682-0-5 (2004) [100P] (E) $10
  18. UNENDING DEBATE ON HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS: Kirpal S.Randhawa.Esq (2005) [270P] (E) $15
  19. AUTHENTIC VOICES OF SOUTH ASIA; Eds. Brig.Usman Khalid ISBN: 0-9548929-1-7 (2005)[354P](E) $20 [#]
  20. RACIAL DISCRIMINATION – The Sikhs and their Future: A Global Perspective: Dr.Malkiat Singh Rahi, Esq (E)
  21. TWENTY YEARS OF IMPUNITY: The November 1984 Pogroms of Sikhs in India: Jaskaran Kaur, Esq ISBN:0-9877073-0-3 & 0-954841-0-4H (2006)[169P] or
  22. DEATH SQUADS; The Anthropology of State Terror: Ed.Jeffery Sluka ISBN:0-8122-1711-X (2000)
  23. India Since Independence 1947-1991- Persecution of Religious Minorities: Col(Dr). Santokh S.Dharam
  24. Removal of Turban in France – Sikhs Struggle for Human Dignity: Dr.Malkiat S.Rahi,Esq (2005)[105P]
  25. The Sikh Volcano: Dr.Ghani Jaffar (1987) [512P] Vangaurd Books (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore; Atlantic Pub 1988
  26. U.S.Congress On Sikh Struggle For Freedom In India: ISBN:0-9693345-1-6 (1988) [116P]
  27. When A Tree Shook Delhi; The 1984 Carnage & Its Aftermath: Harvinder S.Phoolka, Esq & Manoj Mitta ISBN:978-81-7436-598-9 (2007)[221P] Pub.Lotus/Roli
  28. Protecting the Killers; A Policy of Impunity in Punjab, India: Jaskaran Kaur.Esq (2007)[123P]
  29. Dead Silence – The Legacy of Human Rights Abuses in Punjab: Physicians for Human Rights ISBN:1-56432130-4 (1994)[103P] Human Rights Watch/Asia
  30. Torture in Panjab: Patrica Grossman (1992)[221P] Human Rights Watch/Asia
  31. Smoldering Embers – Long and Unending Wait for Justice for the Disappeared in Panjab (Vol I): Voices for Freedom (2007)[610P] ISBN:978-1419672873; 1419672878 $29
  32. Smoldering Embers – Long and Unending Wait for Justice for the Disappeared in Panjab (Vol 2): Voice for Freedom (2007)[484P] ISBN:978-1419672804; 1419672800 $25
  33. Betrayal of the Sikhs: Landen Sarsfield (1946)[133P] ASIN:B0006BYBPS Lahore Book Shop (E)
  34. 25 Years – After 1984 Assault on Durbar Sahib Laying the Foundation of Khalistan: Ed Dr.Awtar Singh Sekhon (2009)[208P] ISBN:0-9548929-4-1 Pub London Institute of South Asia $10 (E)(#)
  35. U.S. Congress on the Sikh Struggle for Khalistan – Vol One 1985-1998: International Sikh Organization (2013) [840P] ISBN:978-0-9889370-0-0 International Sikh organization $50 (#)
  36. U.S. Congress on the Sikh Struggle for Khalistan – Vol Two 1999-2007: International Sikh Organization (2013) [917P] ISBN:978-0-9889370-1-7 International Sikh Organization $50 (#)
  37. Government Organized Carnage – November, 1984: Gurcharan Singh Babbar (1998) [336P] Babbar Publications $30
  38. Murder of Pluralism – Coping with Democratic Oppression in South Asia: (Ed) Dr.Awatar Singh Sekhon (2014) [303P] ISBN:978-0-9868037-1-0 Sikh Educational Trust $25 (#)
  39. State Terrorism – Torture, Extra-judicial killings in India: Grace Pelly (2009) [405P] ISBN:81-89479-47-4
  40. Death Squads in Global Perspective with Deniability: Bruce B.Campbell & Arthur B.Brenner (2002)[384P]

 Read and compiled by The Sikh Education Trust, USA and American Sikh Council
The ones marked (#) are also available via and

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