Congratulations to the incredible Farmers Protest for defeating the government!

The American Sikh Council (ASC) congratulates all the people who protested at all the five protest sites around New Delhi the capital of India and everywhere else across the planet, for peacefully standing their ground against the insidious Farm Laws of the Modi government.

The Samyukt Kisan Morcha, Kisan Ekta Morcha and over 500 other farmer organizations from many states across India must be congratulated for their incredible effort as the singularly unique protest which happened to be the world’s largest public dissent ever, which was successful!

The American Sikh Council (ASC) is glad that the Modi regime has backtracked on their illegally enacted Farm Laws affecting Indians, literally of every religious and ethnic persuasion.

The Sikh farmer leaders in particular have shown unbelievable leadership skills, acumen, patience and restraint to hold the entire mass protest peaceful and united for over a year. Today the entire world has seen the largest protest peaceful and non-violent dissent led by Sikhs because it has always been and is an inherent part of the Sikh ideology. These methods were slyly copied by the infamous MK Gandhi and rebranded as ‘satyagrah’ after observing the Sikhs peacefully fighting the British in the 1920s.

The farmers of Haryana for the first time have been not only acutely sensible but in joining the Sikh farmers of Punjab to put up a truly united front against the odds they were facing but it showed shrewd and tactical leadership.

If an innocent citizen was suddenly arrested due to an illegal law enacted with a nefarious design and then let out of jail after one year, while starving and beating the rest of the family, should the innocent citizen and the rest of family congratulate each other in joy or sue the government for compensation, and have the lawmakers arrested for misusing their office? This seems to be the current situation of the Farmer Protest, because if the Modi regime has announced the repeal of the ‘Black’ Farm Laws, everything simply reverts back to the status quo.

ASC stands in solidarity with each and every farmer of that country, but agrees with the Samyukt Kisan Morcha when Balbir Singh Rajewal states, “We will stay put till the Indian Parliament actually votes to repeal the Farm Laws.”  

The farm leaders are not only astute but understand the ground realities intimately, so they will not get taken up with the chicanery of the Modi regime, as his past actions are clear proof of his continuous ‘chanakyaniti’, therefore they absolutely do not trust the Indian leader.

One of the Samyukt Kisan Morcha leaders, Joginder Singh Ugrahan stated, “Our battle is only half won,” while addressing approximately 5,000 farmers. He further stated, “Ensuring that the government makes a law, MSP is a big issue for all of us. Our protests will end once the government passes the law on MSP.”

The Sikh religion stands for the oppressed anywhere and the American Sikh Council (ASC) stands in solidarity for other related issues which include, a law in favor of the Minimum Support Price, based on the comprehensive cost of production, for all agricultural produce; subsidized power for the irrigation of agriculture; abolish all fines and penalties for burning their fields after harvesting to remove stalk and chaff; free all the protesting farmers arrested arbitrarily without condition, immediately.

The farm leaders must be extremely cautious, because even if the current Farm Laws are repealed by the end of November 2021, the long overdue list of ‘asks’ by all the farmers must not be simply forwarded to the political leaders. The farm leaders must prepare a proper legal draft of the Farm Laws alongside any and all associated issues themselves, otherwise asking the representatives of the government to draft the new Farm Laws will get them into trouble again. A perfect example is the Indian Constitution itself. It is an obtuse, vague document and is never precise or clear. The reasons are simple, as the upper caste political Hindus wanted to make sure that ambiguous language can be interpreted anyway, they want! The farm leaders must take into confidence the best experts available at their disposal so that their legal draft of Farm Laws is crystal clear, that even a 6th grader can understand it.

The farm leaders must make sure that there is ample monetary compensation paid by the Indian government, with guaranteed fair wage employment for at least one family member, for the over 750 shaheeds at the various protest sites so far! There must be a physical memorial built memorializing the deaths of the over 750 Farmers with each and everyone’s name written in stone at the site.

By now every person at the protest sites must have understood their own predicament vis-à-vis the Indian government, i.e., if it is not in writing, it does not exist. Unless and until every item on the long list of grievances by the farmers are put on paper and made into law it will be foolhardy to leave the sites.

The Farm leaders must use the same leadership skills of cooperation to work across party lines, then nominate the most skilled leaders amongst themselves who can then be further supported to stand for election, because eventually only a leader who is a farmer can understand the needs and the pain of his peers. Unless and until, farmers with high morals and good ethics do not become political leaders, the current rogues will continue to rule over the farmers to ruin them further.

There is a laundry list of issues which need to be covered by farmers at the state level and then other issues covered at the federal level. Much foresight is required to plan for the future while framing the new Farm Laws, otherwise the wily Hindutvadis can and will enact something even more devious next time.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) can only pray and stand with the good farmers of that country where farmers are known as ‘Aan Dattas’ (Holy Grain Producers) but treated like trash. No wonder the highest rate of suicide in India is among farmers, with nearly 300,000 dead since 1995. Today the rich Gujarati-Hindu mafia which includes the Ambani-Adnani and their ilk within the Indian regime want to turn the farmers into permanent indentured slaves catering to their ravenous greed.

The farmers of India have shown the world that they will not stand for this terrible injustice and this should be a wake-up call for all those sleazy politicians who continue to pedal in double-speak/fake promises or what the Indians call ‘jumla’!

ASC supports the cause of all ethical and honest farmers who give their sweat and blood to feed the rest of humanity. May ‘God’ give good sense to the political leaders, to guide them so that they do justice to the people they are meant to serve and not rule.