Parliament of the World’s Religions

American Sikh Council to represent the Sikh Faith and Sikh community in the upcoming conference of the Parliament of the World’s Religions on November 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

Frequency: Conference held once every four years, last one in Australia.

Audience: Over 10,000 top religious leaders are expected from all over the globe.

This is an opportunity to showcase the Sikh Faith and educate the top leaders of various Faiths who are unfamiliar with our Faith. The impact of this is far reaching as these leaders will go back to their respective countries and Faith communities with a slightly different mindset than before.

Activities planned by American Sikh Council:

The American Sikh Council (ASC) which is representative organization of majority of the Gurdwaras in America and the Sikh community on the whole is participating at the Conference of Parliament of World Religions in Toronto, Canada, later this year. Our primary objective is to educate the attendees about the Sikh identity and our fundamental principles.

  • ASC has reserved a booth where Sikh literature, brochures and bags with educational material will be distributed to around 10,000 people attending the conference.
  • ASC is organizing speakers, who will speak on various Sikh related topics,
  • Will also holding morning diwan with kirtan.
  • Will hold daily langer sewa for five days
  • This overall project is budgeted for $50,000.

ASC is totally dependent upon the contributions from the Sikh community and Gurdwaras in United States. This is our community project and its success lies on our shoulders. It is our humble request to please support this noble venture wholeheartedly by donating to American Sikh Council, which is tax deductible.We will be participating in all aspects of the Conference in November 2018, including a Sikh Exhibit, Kirtan, panel of speakers and support of Langar arranged by the local Sikh Community.

As you know the success of the Sikh representations depends upon the participation of the Sangat and we could use all the volunteers we can get to make the maximum impact.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you are interested and would like to contribute and volunteer in any capacity. Please consider donating small or big amount as every contribution will make a difference. Thank you for your help!

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ASC thanks all the supporters, donors and fundraisers for the CPWR conference

Sikhs Excel at the Parliament of World’s Religions

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